About Us

About Us Founded in 2008, Ziba Kimia Afarin company specializes in providing raw materials for cosmetics, health and food industries.  The company began its operation as the exclusive representative of Iberchem Corporation of Spain in the area of manufacturing fragrances  for sanitary, cosmetic, and medicinal purposes. The company’s food flavors are currently distributed under the brand Scentium of Spain.
Furthermore, in order to improve the quality of export and domestic products, the company procures cosmetic and food colorings from Sancolor company of Spain.
Ziba Kimia Afarin Co. benefits from professional, committed and hardworking staff who have dedicated their experience and skill to the goal of having a constructive and positive role in Iran’s development.  Backed by well-equipped laboratories and advanced equipment in Spain and Italy, the company strives to produce high-quality products with long shelf-lives and competitive prices according to the latest standards and customer-orientation principles. Thanks to our efforts, we have had the privilege of partnership with many prestigious cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food companies.
By identifying customer needs, the company hopes to expand on the following achievements and offer new services in the food, cosmetics and health industries:
 • Research and development units with well-equipped laboratories
 • A centralized warehouse in Tehran for ease of access to more than 250 cosmetic-sanitary fragrances and 100 powder and liquid flavors with a constant supply chain.
 • Facilitation of imports by providing credit to manufacturing units, sale in Iranian Rials, and cooperation with cosmetic, sanitary and food companies on exclusive projects through pro forma purchase orders.
 • Providing centralized sales service and delivery of requested samples to esteemed clients in the shortest possible time.
 • Offering counseling services regarding formulation and manufacturing methods; collaboration in designing new products and introducing brand new fragrances in order to facilitate innovation through systematic collection and analysis of data in the target market.
 • Offering counseling services regarding choosing the right flavor, customizing flavor, formulation, manufacturing methods, and introducing the latest flavors in the world.
 • Implementing joint projects with business partners for manufacturing special flavors involving innovation and creativity
 • Shortening the supply chain relying on our knowledge, experience and skilled staff in sales, commerce, and finance sectors.
We are confident that our optimal technical and commercial services, backed by the experience and knowledge of our staff in the areas of sales, technology, commerce and finance, can be a decisive step in helping you achieve your short and long-term goals.
Constructive criticism and exchange of experiences can guarantee the success of our sustainable partnership.
Ziba Kimia Afarin group thereby announces its preparedness and interest in working with your company.